JJC Sporting Guns : Occasional Importer Procedures For U.S. Individuals

The following information is used by kind permission of Michael Shepherd (www.micksguns.co.uk) and details the steps that you need to take to import a classic shotgun into the U.S. (assuming you are a U.S. individual!).


Occasional Importer Procedures For U.S. Individuals

( For personal sporting use - not for resale )

Use Form 6 obtainable from U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Telephone the ATF Distribution office 703-455-7801. Have them send 3 copies of Form 6 to you. ( you can put more than 1 gun on a form ) Alternate number - call ATF  Information 202-927-7777

As an "Occasional Importer" include following information on Form 6 : "Application to Import" Maker, serial number, gauge, length of barrels and total length of the gun.

Any FFL holder near you may fill out the form. He need not hold an importers licence. YOU are the importer and by law may do so as an "occasional importer" U.S. law requires this be for personal sporting use, indicate this on your application in the appropriate space. All else is self explanatory.

When completed and signed by your FFL holder, mail or Fed EX the form to the ATF. Fed Ex or UPS expedites delivery.

F & E Imports Branch, BATF, 650 Mass Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20226

It may take 6 to 8 weeks for ATF to approve and return your application, it will be stamped NOT FOR RESALE.

Keep the original approved form. Make photocopies to mail or Fax to Michael Clarke (+44 1335 324029) . We suggest you have the guns returned by international mail from England to you. This way they enter the U.S. Postal system, go to a customs facility where they are cleared and then directly to your FFL by mail. Duty, if any, may be paid to the postmaster or mailman. Avoid Air Freight.

Your approved Form 6 copies will be inside the package and in an envelope marked ATTN: U.S. CUSTOMS.

Antique Guns ( made before 1898 ) may be mailed directly to you, no permit required.